Why Won't My Wood Wick Candle Stay Lit? (And How to Fix It)

wood wick cotton wick flame care guide

We love the comforting crackle and flicker of wood wick candles. Not only do wood wicks burn cleaner than cotton wicks, our wood wicks are sourced from the U.S.A. However, if you're not used to them, they can be a little tricky to burn.

If you're struggling to keep your wood wick candle lit, don't worry! We've compiled a few tips and tricks to fix some common problems of wood wicks that won't stay lit.

1. How To Light Your Wood Wick Candle

The most important step is to light your wood wick correctly. Unlike a cotton wick, wood wicks can be long and require the entire wick to be lit to burn properly. When lighting your candle tilt it on an angle and let the flame travel across the length of the wick so the whole wick is burning evenly. 

It may take more than once to light your wick, especially on the first go. It's taken us 3-4 times to get a wick to stay lit. Your wick shouldn't produce smoke or soot if it is that means it needs to be trimmed.

2. The Wick is Too Long

Before sending out your candle, we trim our wicks to the optimal 1/8" length. What can happen sometimes from several failed attempts is that the wax around the wick has "tunneled" and the wick is too long to burn properly.

To Fix: Trim your wick and remove any burnt/charred bits

The wick is fueling the flame, it's the wax. The flame is drawing the wax upwards through the wick, so if it’s not trimmed short and clean, the wax can’t make it to the flame.

To trim, you can use wire cutters, nail clippers, or a wick trimmer! Be sure to wait until the wax and wick have cooled before trying to trim.

For trimming, w