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The Great Halloween Made-to-Order Event!

We are absolutely FLOORED at the love our Halloween candles have gotten this season! We had originally only planned on selling a small, set amount of these candles this year, but ended up restocking (twice). We'd love to restock again, but we just don't have the materials!

So we're opening up a new "Made-To-Order" event October 29-November 4, 2020 for people to get their final Halloween candle orders in. We will start production on these candles November 5th so that we can order the proper amount of containers, scents, coloring, wax, and everything else we need!

If all goes well, we will hopefully be shipping out these orders by November 18th.

Make sure to get those orders in because we will NOT be offering these candles again until spooky season 2021. Click the link below to order your candles!

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